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Microbiome in the Spotlight

(Not) Better Living Through Chemicals

The list of things we need to attend to in order to maintain healthy lifestyle continues to get longer each day. And the number of people who appear to have issues with food also grows longer, much to the chagrin of restaurants and servers everywhere. But knowing that we literally cannot digest many of the carbs we eat without an intact gut biome, perhaps the increasing number of food difficulties we see are a direct result of the pesticides we use on our crops. It is well known that Monsanto's Round-Up negatively impacts soil microbes so it should come as no surprise that it would also potentially have a deleterious impact on the human microbial system. New research out of the University of Caen suggests that it is not just the glyphosate in Round-Up, which is tested for toxicity alone, that is causing damage but the cocktail of glyphosate with the formulants – which are composed of toxic petroleum residues and arsenic. 

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The Microbiome Coalition (TMBC) will be presenting February 15th at the 25th International Molecular Medicine Tri-Conference in San Francisco. Come learn more about what we do and how you can help shape the future of the microbiome space.

In Business News

J&J Announces 15 New Collaborations Johnson & Johnson Innovation LLC, Johnson & Johnson Consumer Inc. and Janssen Research & Development, LLC have established an exclusive research collaboration with Holobiome Corporation, a developer of microbiome therapeutics, to treat diseases of the central and enteric nervous systems. Full article here

Seventure Partners joins US $35m round into Zipongo Venture capital firm Seventure Partners has joined a US $35m Series B Round in Digital Nutrition Platform Zipongo. Zipongo is a digital nutrition platform that is working on learning more about its users, including partnering with 23andMe to make genetic-based recommendations, and also investigating other "omics" like the microbiome. Full article here

uBiome, the Leader in Microbial Genomics, Launches SmartGut and SmartJane Microbiome Test Kits in Canada uBiome announced that Canadian residents can now request uBiome clinical testing from healthcare providers. These tests include SmartGut, the world’s first sequencing-based clinical microbiome test, and SmartJane, the world’s first women’s health test to genotype all clinically relevant strains of human papillomavirus (HPV) in addition to screening for sexually transmitted infections (STIs) and imbalances in vaginal flora. Full article here

CoreBiome Bolsters Its Board of Directors with the Addition of Daniel Pomp, Ph.D. CoreBiome, a genomics platform company that is transforming microbiome innovation with proprietary laboratory methods and big-data analytics, today announced the appointment of Dr. Daniel Pomp, Ph.D., a world leader in agricultural and biomedical genomics, to its Board of Directors. Full article here 

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In Research News

Largest Planned Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) Study Enrolls First Patient The first participant has enrolled in the American Gastroenterological Association (AGA) Fecal Microbiota Transplantation (FMT) National Registry, which is planned to be the largest FMT study ever. The registry will track 4,000 patients for 10 years after their FMT procedure. Full article here

New Ingestible Sensor Could Help Researchers Learn More About The Gut A group of researchers at RMIT University in Melbourne, Australia have developed a new ingestible sensor for a novel purpose: investigating the microbiome and gasses in the gut. In their Nature Electronics publication, they show not only the potential of the new ingestible sensor, but new learnings that suggest a previously undiscovered defense system in the gut. Full article here

Liraglutide Beneficially Alters the Gut Microbiome in Type 2 Diabetes A recent study describes a new benefit for patients with type-2-diabetes (T2D) that take liraglutide. The study from the Peking Union Medical College Hospital in Beijing demonstrates that liraglutide beneficially changes the gut microbiome in an animal model of T2D. Full article here

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Watching This Week . . . 

Explore the Human Microbiome in New Delaware Natural History Museum Exhibit. Start your exploration here

Job Board

Biostatistician, Second Genome Second Genome, a fast-paced and innovative venture capital funded biotechnology company, seeks an accomplished Biostatistician to join our growing informatics team. Must be energetic and flexible to contribute answers for a wide variety of biological inquiries and perseverant to complete complex multi-omic microbiome data analyses. Learn more here

Clinical Coordinator, Whole Biome Whole Biome is currently seeking a Clinical Coordinator to join their Clinical Team. As Clinical Coordinator, you work directly with the Chief Medical Officer to provide the project management support for all Whole Biome clinical studies. Learn more here

NGS Laboratory Associate, CosmosID CosmosID is recruiting an NGS Laboratory Associate to support their DNA/RNA sequencing laboratory and genomic and metagenomic data analysis. This position is for someone who is driven, organized, embraces change, and is very willing to learn in a field that is constantly evolving. Learn more here

Postdoctoral Research Fellow (Microbiome Informatics Research), Merck As a postdoctoral fellow in Microbiome Informatics Research at Merck Research Laboratories (MRL) and the Merck Exploratory Science Center (ESC), you will work with a highly collaborative team of scientists at the interface of microbiology, chemical biology, pharmacology, and machine learning. An unprecedented set of microbiome metabolism data will be generated, and used to characterize specific bacterial proteins, strains of bacteria, and bacterial communities. The outcome of the postdoc will be a deeper understanding of the functional role the microbiome plays in diseased and healthy individuals, as well as of the impact of the microbiome on drug and hormone metabolism. Learn more here 

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Upcoming Conferences

Keystone Symposia, Microbiome in Health and Disease This Keystone Symposia meeting brings together experts in clinical medicine, clinical microbiology, microbial genomics, and bacterial genetics to explore how both strain variation and underlying microbial community determine health and disease. Keystone, CO. Feb 5-9.

Microbiome-Based Precision Medicine This 2nd Annual Cambridge Healthtech Institute conference will have dozens of speakers who discuss using the microbiome as a tool for translating science into useful therapeutics. San Francisco, CA. Feb 15-16. 

Microbiome, Host Resistance and Diseases This Keystone Symposia meeting will discuss not only host resistance and disease, but also the manipulation of the gut microbiota for metabolic health. Banff, Alberta, Canada. Mar 4-8. 

4th Annual Translational Microbiome Conference The conference will once again bring together the top companies in the microbiome space working to successfully commercialize microbiome-based diagnostics, therapeutics, adjunct therapies and direct-to-consumer services and products. Boston, MA. Apr 18-20. 

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Microbiome Awards, Fellowships and Prizes

Dannon Yogurt, Probiotics and the Gut Microbiome Fellowship Dannon, as part of DanoneWave Public Benefit Corporation, is now accepting applications for the 2017-2018 Dannon Yogurt, Probiotics and the Gut Microbiome Fellowship Grant. Dannon will award two $25,000 grants to graduate students interested in exploring the gut microbiome, probiotics and/or yogurt to better understand their impact on the human body. Learn more about the opportunity here

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