Webinar: Patents and IP in the Microbiome Space

The Microbiome Coalition, in partnership with Nixon Peabody and ICOSA, is excited to invite you to attend our webinar on Tuesday, November 7th at 12:30 PM EST – Gut Check: Scoping Out Patents and the Microbiome. Recognizing the microbiome’s potential as a disruptor of medicine, as well as its fast growth as an industry, it is important to discuss the intellectual property and infrastructure surrounding it.               

We will have three key speakers at this webinar, all of whom are vital in developing the microbiome space: Caroline de Mareüil-Villette, the co-founder of ICOSA and a European patent attorney with extensive life science background; Mark FitzGerald, a partner at Nixon Peabody who concentrates his practice on biotechnology patents; and David Resnick, the team leader of Nixon Peabody’s Patent group.                                        

We will collectively discuss challenges inherent to intellectual property in microbiome-related technologies, including patent-eligible subject matter, definiteness, and satisfying the disclosure requirements in a manner that supports commercially valuable patent claims. We will also examine successful strategies being employed to overcome these challenges and secure meaningful protection in this rapidly expanding arena. All topics will be discussed from both a U.S. and European perspective. 


We hope you join us!

Register here: http://marketing.nixonpeabody.com/reaction/RSGenPage.asp?rsid=Ry4T14djYlddUN8-8zejjqBKDYj_TFUNS95Ca5tBrwwV_HBCylrXjFFsEf-Jitjj&aes=y